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31 December 2020 @ 05:30 pm

I am over on Dreamwidth now. http://sammich.dreamwidth.org/
Here's a list of places you can find me!
Twitter: @pbjsammich
Tumblr: @pbjsammich
Instagram: @jamsammichnet (co-owned w/Jam)
Deviantart: sammich

I am active on Discord as well.
I advise against msging me here as I will see it late. Please try Tumblr or Twitter.
15 January 2017 @ 08:23 pm
I have moved my journal over to http://sammich.dreamwidth.org/
Considering the potential move of LJ's servers, it seems only right.
To the rest of you who might happen to see this, please contact me, here or on my DW account if you wanted to be re-friended or whatever.
If you are on Tumblr, please follow me here: http://pbjsammich.tumblr.com/ (note me so I can follow you mutally, too!)
I hope you all are doing well!! See ya!